XDV for MAC – How To Download On Windows And Mac

XDV is one of the top-notch apps utilized for video surveillance. Users can also manage XDV video cameras. Now, this xdv for mac is available for all users. XDV app permits users to watch real-time footage, whereas you have to use Wifi for watching the video.

Users can view HD footage live as XDV records for them. You can manage the camera’s recording system as well. According to your demand, you can set up the camera’s image & video capture options. With this XDV app, you can take pictures along with videos.

What Is XDV App

You can utilize the XDV app for your security cameras to watch live monitoring videos. Users can manage XDV for mac through the internet whenever they are & also it’s easy to handle for users. With its motion-catching option, you can monitor your home or workstation whenever you want.XDV for windows

XDV for Mac – Technical Specifications

Here are all the XDV APK file details.

Name XDV Pro
Category Utilities
Offered by wisdomPlus
Seller Shenzhen Sunchip Technology Co., Ltd
Current  version 1.9.22
Price Free
Languages 16 languages
Age rating 4+
Size 14.7 MB
Compatibility iPhone, iPod touch, Mac

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Significant Features of XDV App

This XDV app is ideal for people who are staying outside from their home & workplace. Monitoring your desired place is easy with this rich-featured app.XDV on MAC

  1. Allows you to live real-time stream videos:

Using this app on your Mac, you can monitor what is happening there. It can stream real-time videos & images from your surveillance cameras.

  1. High-quality images:

This XDV app can record high-quality videos for users. Also, the photos secure in this app maintained high quality.

  1. Detect motions:

from your camera, this XDV app can trace the motion activity & movements.This XDV app can take screenshots whenever it can find out some moves.

  1. Excellent camera & video features:

This app has some fascinating features for the camera & videos. It contains an ordinary camera, time-taking pictures along with camera trajectory, and an automatic camera.

  1. Allows sharing images & videos on social media:

 If you think of sharing your videos or photos taken through the XDV app, you can easily do that. Sharing on social network services such as Facebook or Instagram, your friends can watch them too.

  1. DV video screen:

DV can control the motion to take pictures, video, photography, together with slow operation.

How to Download & Install XDV for MAC

Here is the downloading & the installing procedure of the XDV app for MacBook pro.XDV for MAC

  • Open the App Store from your MacBook.
  • Type XDV app in the search button and click the app.
  • Tap on the “Get” and wait until it is installed.
  • Click the icon of the app XDV & enjoy this XDV app for your MacBook.

Alternatives for XDV app

Here we mention some alternatives for the app XDV.

  • Yi Pro:

By using this app, you’ll get advanced camera settings that may support you every time. You may get saturation, exposure along with ISO, gamma. They provide camera scripting only for the Yi action camera.

  • iOBD2:

iOBD2  has the power to make your Android into a cool car diagnostic tool. This app can modify your gauges and can display the selected data which you’re interested in. Before purchasing this app do sure about your car that it supported OBD/EOBD.

  • TP-Link Tether:

TP-Link Tether offers users to access and check their TP-Link router with a mobile device.  You can block unauthorized users from stopping access to your device. This app can turn off the LEDs at a fixed time by itself.

Wrapping Up

Though there are few excellent video surveillance apps in the same category, XDV gained immense popularity. This app is organize according to the user based on its uncomplicated yet effective use. Install xdv for mac & get all its rich features to use practically.

Watching your desired place & monitoring your cameras is now easy with the XDV app remotely. Users can control graphics, resolution in accordance with the need. If you face any doubts regarding this XDV app, you can let us inform via comments. We’ll be glad to work out the issues you’re facing.

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