VPN Melon for Mac – Guide To Free Download For Windows And Mac

The use of VPN service is increasing rapidly, and there are many reasons behind this. Many trackers and hackers are always waiting to track or hack our online activities to harm us. That’s why using a VPN service like VPN Melon will be worth downloading. You can use it for ensuring total online security.

In addition, VPN Melon is also available for Mac and other devices. So you can use the internet safely for free with any VPN-compatible device. When you install vpn melon for mac, then you can easily bypass any internet blockage. So you can easily enjoy all your favorite content on a big screen with flexible usability of mouse and keyboard.

What Is VPN Melon?

VPN Melon is a free VPN service that offers a secure and private connection to all types of internet platforms. It’ll help you to access any blocked website, social media, games, streaming sites, band apps, and many more. It is a completely free app that also offers a paid version with some advanced features.VPN Melon on Mac

Once you have installed VPN Melon, it’ll hide your IP address and make your identity and online activities untraceable. This VPN service provides many amazing and fast proxy servers from various remote locations. Therefore, you can choose any locations to bypass the firewalls and enjoy freedom over the internet.

What Does Vpn Melon Offer for Users?

Among many free VPN services, VPN Melon has earned numerous popularity. Because of its effective functions, people are heavily attracted to use it. Here we have included what VPN Melon offers for users, have a look.VPN Melon for pc

Private Web Browsing:

Through VPN Melon, you can ensure any type of surveillance. It helps to make every web browsing section private to keep your personal information safe from surveillance and even ISPs.

Avoid Geo-Restrictions:

Are you unable to access your preferred website due to geographical restrictions? VPN Melon will help you to prevent get-blocking and let you enjoy any web platform for free without any hassle.

Online Security:

VPN Melon supports all major VPN services, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP.  These all are powerful enough to provide military-grade encryption while using the internet.


VPN Melon strictly follows the no-logs policy, so all your online activities and browsing history will be safe. All your web activities will be safe and always remain completely secure and private.


VPN Melon offers flexible compatibility; it supports all devices and all types of internet network systems. It also does not require any configuration or registration and also does not require any additional permissions too.

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VPN Melon App Detail

In this section, we have included core details of VPN Melon through a table. Keep reading to know more about this super secure VPN service.

Name Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker
App Size 94.5 MB
Mac Requirement macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.
Current Version 1.9.2
Last Updated Apr 24, 2020
Category Utilities
License Type Free
Language English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian
Current Rating 4.7

How To Download or Install VPN Melon for Mac

VPN Melon offers 100% free proxy service with high-speed unlimited VPN and bandwidth service. It also contains a large number of VPN servers to break geo-restrictions and fulfill users’ needs.VPN Melon for Mac

Fortunately, VPN Melon has a dedicated app for all VPN usable devices. So if you wish to download VPN Melon for Mac, you can get VPN Melon from the Mac official app store. Below we have shown the procedure that you can follow.

Step 1 –  Visit the official Mac app store.

Step 2 –  Search for VPN Melon on the app store’s search bar.

Step 3 –  Select the first app from the search result and click on it.

Step 4 –  Now, click on the “Get” option.

Step 5 –  Wait until the installation process is done.

Step 6 –  Once the installation is done, you can now run VPN Melon on your Mac.

If you are a Windows user, you can get VPN Melon for windows by taking help from the emulator software. This third-party software will let you download the VPN Melon for PC legally from the Google play store.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any curiosity related to this article, follow this section. Here we have added some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Is Melon VPN Safe?

VPN Melon used to provide a secure and private connection to geo-blocked web platforms. It helps to secure users’ digital identity, so there is no risk to use this VPN.

Is Melon VPN a Chinese App?

No, VPN Melon is not a Chinese VPN service. Inf Security Studio develops this VPN, and it is a Singapore-based VPN service.

Is Melon VPN Free?

VPN Melon has both freemium and premium versions. However, you can use the free version to enjoy outstanding online security and anonymously surf the internet.

Final Thought

VPN Melon should be your favorite VPN service because it’s a fully-featured free VPN service. When you install vpn melon for mac, it’ll keep any types of surveillance away from your device and data. So no one can be able to trace your online activity. However, this VPN also does not keep users’ information and browsing history.

Therefore, once you connect your device with VPN Melon, you can surf the internet by avoiding firewalls and censorship. So get this Melon VPN today on your Mac. If you face any difficulties while installation, do not share your error via the comment section. We will love to hear and solve your errors regarding VPN Melon.

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