Tuner for Mac – Download And Install On Windows And Mac

If you’re searching for the most accurate & fastest tuner, then Guitar Tuna is the leading choice. Install this number 1 guitar tuner for mac which will work on any of the string instruments. This is an unlimited free tuner for 12 string guitar together with Mandolin & Ukulele.

The instrumentalist who can’t read the cords will discover the mini-games as an appropriate learning tool.  This app design within world-renowned audio signal processing technology. It has an integrated microphone that listens for doing the best with your acoustic & electric guitars.

Technical Specifications Table of Tuner App

There is all the information that this app Guitar Tuner has provided for its users. Install tuner for mac & get all the mini-games for practicing with cords.

Name GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass Tuner
Size 129.8 MB
Seller Yousician Ltd
Category Music
Compatibility iPhone,iPad, iPod touch, MAC
Age rating 4+
Price Free
Languages 12+
Others facilities In-app Purchases

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Significant Features of Tuner App

Here are all the progressive features of the Guitar Tuner App for all the musicians. Let’s have a look-Tuner for windows

  • Over 100 Tunings: this Guitar Tuna app has 100 plus tunings for the users. You will find standard, drop D, drop A together with half step down and many more tunings.
  • Metronome: you can set any tempo by changing the beat manually or even with a tap at the desired speed.
  • Chromatic Tuner: the Guitar Tuna app also provides a chromatic tuner for alternate tunings.
  • Other tools: it also offers ear training, an extensive chord library, along with some exercises for practicing chords.
  • Six unlimited Chord Learning games: you can learn, practice & improve the ability to identify them by ear.
  • Noise cancellation: this Guitar Tuna app works in noisy areas with the technology of removing noise. You can also select headstock visuals & that will make this Guitar Tuna App look like an instrument.

How to Download & Install Tuner App For MAC

This Guitar Tuna app is compatible with MAC. It is available on the MAC APP Store so that you can directly install this from here without any hassle. Here are the steps-

  • Open the MAC App store from your MacBook.
  • Search for the app GuitarTuna & select the app from the below chart.
  • Tap get & then click the install button for this app.
  • After installation, click open on the screen. Now you can enjoy this app for tinnings like a pro.
  • Lots of helpful tuning features
  • Library of built-in notes
  • Difficult if you don’t know many musical terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some of the quick FAQs of the Guitar Tuner app that you should go through.

Q1. Is GuitarTuna –  tuner app for guitar Ukulele bass & More! free?

This app is 100% free for its users. It also offers in-app purchase options also.

Q2. Can I use a guitar tuner for a ukulele?

You can use chromatic runners for your guitar (such as classic, steel, or bass), ukulele, or violin.

Q3. Does Yousician have a guitar tuner?

They provide a chromatic tuner & 100 plus tunings for the users.

Why Is It The World’s Most popular Tuner Ever Built?

This Guitar Tuna is simple & easy to use. It can work collaboratively with both electric & acoustic Guitars. This app can use the microphone of the user’s device, which’s why it doesn’t need any cables to hear music. Guitar Tuna is a perfect app for amateurs that all the guitar teachers recommend using.Tuner on Mac

It also gives the users clear visual feedback together with signal history. Developers built the world’s top-rated advanced audio recognition algorithm. It also has professional accuracy just for the well-being of advanced players. This app also has the auto mode tuner for fabulous – fast tuning.

Wrapping up

Guitar Tuna is the best guitar learning all features packed app for the users. Install tuner for mac  & start using this app by plucking any string. This is the most accurate tuner app in the world, operated by 20 million-plus people. It has the best award-winning audio technology.

It has a useful UI & user-friendly interface. If this is the first time for you, then you can watch a YouTube video. Or even you can ask a pro guitar player to avoid the risk of strings snapping.

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