Sricam Software for Mac – Guide To Install (Windows 7/8/10/mac)

CCTV cameras are now much prominent for monitoring your home or business. You can manage your security cameras simply by sitting in front of your monitors. However, sometimes it is very stiff to watch all the time. There comes a solution by downloading the sricam software for mac.

Sricam is an excellent app that lets you monitor all the cameras remotely. Using this app, you can record the camera’s activities. It also allows users to watch online streams to ensure protection. Well, read the rest of the article to know the download process of Sricam on your Mac.

Benefits of Using Sricam Software for Mac

Now the question is what benefits come with this application. Well, here we have listed some of the excellent benefits.Sricam Software for Mac

  • Using this app, you can conveniently monitor your home or company even though you’re not in front of your CCTV monitor.
  • You can also record and manage the live videos for later use.
  • This app allows the users to store the videos and pictures on cloud or device storage.
  • It also supports video sound, which ensures that you see the camera and hear what’s going on there.
  • This application helps the user get a quad vision, ensuring that you won’t miss a single item.
  • Sricam offers users a login option to access any device. This feature helps to protect you from Unpleasant incidents.

Sricam Software for Mac Specifications

Before installing this application, you should know the specification. At a glance, the technical details of the Sricam.

Application Name Sricam
Provider Qirui Zhu
Category Photo & Video
Size 37.5 MB
Requires macOS 11 or later and a Mac with the Apple M1 chip.
Copyright © Sricctv
Price Free

How to Download and Install Sricam Software for Mac

Sricam is a popular security camera application which is customized for IP cameras. Using this app, you can remotely monitor your camera to keep an eye on your friends and family members. Follow the below steps to download the Sricam app on your Mac.Sricam Software for windows

  • Firstly, Open the App Store from the Dock or Launchpad.
  • Now search for Sricam on the search tab.
  • Then click the Get option from the search results to download the app.
  • After download, the app will be visible in the Launchpad app.

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Best Alternatives to Sricam App

Sricam is a top-rated security camera app for its great features. Here we discuss some best competitor apps of Sricam.


Foscam is the best alternative to Sricam. It helps to control the security camera with real-time videos. With this app, you can oversee the home and office security camera from everywhere. This app offers you to scan your cloud storage footage at any time, anywhere.

AP Camera:

AP Camera is also another popular alternative to Sricam. This app allows users to control the camera from your home, office, garden, and many more. You can control all the cameras from a single camera. Using this application, you can manage your cameras, capture photos, and store them in your device memory.


P2pipc is a surveillance app that gives you a live view of your security camera. It efficiently manages all the live footage of your security camera. This app allows the users to monitor the camera remotely. It is a perfect app to protect your belongings from the thief and burglars.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any questions about Sricam, then take a look at the below. There are commonly asked questions with answers.

1.Is Sricam App Safe for Mac?

Yes, this app doesn’t provide any malware. So you can download this application on your Mac without any fear.

2.What Features Are Available on Sricam?

Sricam is a free surveillance application. Every user can access all the features of Sricam without any subscription.

3.Is the Sricam App Useful?

Sricam allows the users to control the security cameras without sitting in front of screens all the time.


Sometimes it is tough to sit in front of monitors all the time. So Sricam software can be a perfect solution. This app helps you to monitor all the cameras anytime and anywhere.  It’s an excellent way to keep an eye on your friends and family members.

Downloading the Sricam software for mac is more straightforward than any other apps. You can easily download this app without any trouble. Once installed on your Mac, you can easily track your surveillance cameras. Right now, install this app on your Mac and stream your live videos on a bigger screen.

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