SHAREit App for Mac – Download On Windows And Mac [latest Version]

If we looked back a few years ago, we would notice that smartphone users usually transferred files from one device to another with Bluetooth.  Sharing files with Bluetooth took more time, and it was almost impossible to share large files. However, technology has been improved, and many apps have been developed for smartphone users to make their daily life easy and comfortable.

SHAREit was first developed for Android Operating Systems, but recently the DMG file of the shareit app for mac is available. To download the shareit app on your mac, Navigate to its official site. Press on the “Download.DMG” file, and after downloading, install it on your devices and start sharing your large files within a moment. To grab more information, read the below text.

How to Download SHAREit App for Mac

Downloading the shareit app for mac is not a tricky job at all. Executing some simple steps, you can download the application without confronting any difficulties.

  1. First, Go to the official site of SHAREit.
  2. Press on the “Download.DMG” file below.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, install it on your device.
  4. After accomplishing the installation process, transfer SHAREit into the “APPS” folder.
  5. Now from the computer home screen, press on the app’s icon and begin to use it.

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What Benefits You Will Get From SHAREit

Several benefits you’ll get from the SHAREit application if you install it on your Mac. Below, we have pointed up some facts that will clarify what advantages you will actually get from SHAREit.

SHAREit App for pc

Transfer Files With the Fastest Speed:

SHAREit transfers files from device to device swiftly, and it is hundreds of times faster than Bluetooth. It confers the highest speed, and sometimes it goes above 20Mb/s. Besides, the file quality that has been transferred remains the same.

Send & Receive All Types of Files:

All files can be transferred through this application, including audio, videos, images, pdf, and more.

Enormous Online Videos:

You can enjoy infinite online videos on this application. Even Likee and TikTok videos are available on SHAREit that you can enjoy for free.

Works as a Video Player:

You needn’t download an extra video player for your Mac because SHAREit works as an excellent video player. You can play any format videos through this app.

Trending Music:

Millions of music and high-quality songs you will find on it. The good thing is, you can enjoy music both online and offline.

Internet Connection Not Required:

You can transfer files through the SHAREit on Mac from one device to another without connection to the internet.

SHAREit App Details

SHAREit app specifications have been included below. Check the below table to know whether your macOS is consistent with your device or not.

Name SHAREit
Requires Mac OS X 10.0 and higher.
License Paid
Version 0.9.0
Language English
Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

SHAREit Alternatives for Mac

A couple of apps are available on the internet that can be used as alternatives to SHAREit. We have discussed 3 different file-sharing applications below.

1. Zapya

It is contemplated as one of the best alternatives to shareit app on Mac. Using and transferring files in Zapya for Mac is easy and convenient, thus; anyone can operate it. It holds some excellent features and “Install All” is one of them. If you send or receive several apk files, you can install them simultaneously within a single click through the app. Within a moment, you can transfer large files of any format.


SHARE Go is mostly similar to the SHAREit, and even the logo design of the app is the same as SHARE it. Appyhigh Technology develops this application. The app’s specialty is that you can use it without confronting any ads and transfer files instantly like  SHAREit.

3. ShareMi

It is user-friendly and easy to operate. Through the ShareMi application, you can transfer files instantly without an internet connection. A file backup option has been added to it. If you lose any data from the app, you can back them by providing your account.

Final Thought

SHAREit is indeed a crucial application for transferring large files. It allows users to transfer files without an internet connection. Besides, this app provides other facilities like it works as a video player, music player, and more. However, you can now download shareit for mac that was only available for smartphone users. Executing the above procedures, you can experience its services on Mac.

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