Free MEmu Android Emulator for pc (2021 Version) On Your Mac

MEmu Android Emulator for pc comes into the market to provide you amazing android user experience on your pc. It allows you to enjoy almost all types of android applications on your pc. When you have this app downloaded on your pc, you can enjoy the experience even better since you have the large screen and multi-tasking capability. Compare to many other android emulators in the market, MEmu Android Emulator offers more features and benefits. It is fast, comes with smooth operation, features a lot of amazing features, and lots more. If you are not a user of this emulator, you should install it.

Features of MEmu Android Emulator

But the question comes what features you can get from this emulator so that you can download this emulator right now. Well, it offers a lot of features including.

MEmu Android Emulator for pc
  • This MEmu Android Emulator offers full android experience in your pc
  • It allows customization of you CPU, device model, resolution, memory size, root model, and others.
  • Even this lets you share files between your android phone and pc.
  • It comes with joystick and keyboard to ensure screen touch to offer a smooth and even better gaming experience.
  • To ensure smooth car racing gaming experience, you have the passing through sensor data.
  • You will have GPS location stimulation as well.
  • With its simple one click, you can run multiple android instances simultaneously.

MEmu Android Emulator System Requirements For PC and Mac

To run the MEmu Android Emulator on your pc, you need to have some requirements on your pc. Without these requirements, you cannot get the MEmu Android Emulator for pc.

  • It requires 32 or 64 bit (Intel or AMD CPU) Processor and operating system installed on your pc.
  • You need to have Windows DirectX 11 or Graphic driver along with the OpenGL 2.0 in your pc.
  • You need to enable the Hardware Virtualization Technology in BIOS section.
  • It requires a minimum of 2GB memory system to have this app run in your pc. However, you need more system memory to get the best result.
  • You need at least 2GB hard disk free in your pc. The more free space you have in your hard disc, the better performance you will get.

How to Download MEmu Android for Windows Mac OS X

But how can you download the emulator on your pc? Well, downloading the MEmu App Player for pc is extremely easy. You can follow the simple steps that I am going to mention below.

MEmu Android Emulator for pc
  • You will see a pink download button on the main page as shown in the picture. Simply click on the download button and it will start downloading within a second.
  • Then click on the downloaded file. A window will pop up and you will find an option named install.
MEmu Android Emulator for pc
  • Now click the install button and it will start installing. It may take a while to be installed.
  • Then you will see a launch button. Click there to launch the application.
MEmu Android Emulator for pc

You are done.

How To Play MEmu Android Games On Your PC

  • You can easily play games with the help of MEmu Android emulator. You need to follow 3 steps to play the games.
  • At first, simply launch the MEmu Android Emulator app and find the Google Play store app.
MEmu Android Emulator for pc
  • Log in to your Google play store with your gmail ID and password. It is original play store, so do not worry about the security.
MEmu Android Emulator for pc
  • Now open the play store and search for desired games.
  • Install and enjoy.


MEmu android emulator for pc delivers you a smoother and better android user experience than many other android emulators in the market. You will find some amazing features that you may not find in other emulators in the market.

Also, when you have this emulator downloaded on your pc, you can enjoy a better android experience for sure. So without wasting any time, download this app right now and enjoy your android experience with full fun.

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