BVCam For Mac – [windows 7/8/10 & Pcs] – Free Download In 2021

Setting up cameras here and there is a very useful way of ensuring security. People use cameras everywhere nowadays. But just installing cameras is not enough to ensure full security. You also have to monitor the cameras from time to time.

BVCam for Mac is a very effective app for this purpose. It allows you to connect all the cameras to the app and provide you a control panel in your Mac. You can control and monitor them from your mac very easily. You can watch every single camera from a single screen.

Features Of Bvcam For Mac

BVCam comes with lots of incredible features. You will love this app because of the features. Here are some of them to give you some ideas.

BVCam for Mac

  • Monitor Camera: The main feature and the main purpose of this amazing app is to monitor a security camera. You can easily connect a cc camera and control it. This app can connect any type of camera device from any known brand.
  • Stable Connection: This app works through a WiFi connection and hence you will experience a stable connection. No connection drop up will occur.
  • Screenshots: You can capture a screenshot with this app at any moment. The screenshot files will be saved in your device storage. This feature is really useful.
  • Play Video: You can watch live video from your cameras and you can play any previously saved video in the app.
  • Settings Customization: In the settings section you will get so many options for customization such as Alarm, Wifi, Time, Email, FTP, and so on.
  • Multiple Device: The app supports multiple camera connections. So, you can connect all your cameras to the app and monitor them from a single device. It makes your work easier.
  • Save videos: This app saves the videos recorded by the cameras to the selected location of your device storage. So, you can watch them later if necessary.

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How To Download And Install Bvcam For Mac

BVCam for pc

The process of downloading BVCam for Mac is very simple and straight forward. If you want to download this amazing app on your mac you can follow our guideline. We will share two methods here. You can start with downloading an android emulator on your Mac like Nox, BlueStacks. MeMu and ARChon. Then you can step forward with the guidelines.

How To Download And Install Bvcam For Mac Using Bluestacks Emulator

Our first pick is BlueStacks. It is one of the most popular emulators nowadays. This emulator is very easy to use and hence anyone can use it even with less knowledge about PC. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Download Bluestacks from the official website and install it on your Mac.
  2. Run the emulator after installing and signup with a Gmail account.
  3. Then you will get a user interface the same as an android device.
  4. Open PlayStore and log in with a Gmail account.
  5. Then search for “BVCam” and the app will show up.
  6. Click on the install button to start the installation.
  7. Open the app once it is installed and provide all the required permissions.
  8. Now the app is ready to use. You can now easily watch every single moment recorded by your cameras,

How To Download And Install Bvcam For Mac Using Nox App Player Emulator

If you don’t want to use BlueStacks for any reason you can go with this one. This guideline is for the NOX emulator. Nox is another popular emulator. It offers a beautiful interface and a lot of essential features. Follow the below steps to go forward.

  1. Open google on your browser and search “NOX” and you will find the official website. Download the emulator from there and install it on your Mac.
  2. Open the emulator by double-clicking on the app icon and click agree.
  3. The app will create an android-like interface for you where you will find Google PlayStore.
  4. Open PlayStore and search “BVCam” and you will find the app at first.
  5. Install the app by clicking on the “Install” button and open it after the installation is complete.
  6. Provide all necessary steps and the app will be ready to use.
  7. You can now monitor your security system all the time.

Frequently Asked Question

What is BVCam?

BVCam is an android app for monitoring security cameras. This app can connect all the cameras at a time and you can watch them from your smartphone.

Can I use BVCam in Mac?

Yes, you can use it in your Mac. And for that, you have to follow our guidelines given above. As it is an android app you can’t install in your mac in the normal way. That’s why we are here to help you.

Is BVCam free to download and use?

BVCam is absolutely free to download and use. You can simply install it from Google PlayStore.

Is BVCam safe to use?

Yes, the app is not harmful at all. It neither bears malware nor shares your personal information outside. So there is no such safety issue in using this app.

Can I use BVCam offline?

No, you can use the app offline. You must have a wifi connection to monitor the cameras through this app.

Final Thought

BVCam for Mac a really important app for increasing the safety of a security system. CC cameras must be being monitoring all the time. And to do that in your mac you need an app. But you won’t get a free app on your mac. And that’s why we suggest you using the BVCam app for Mac as it is totally free.

So, don’t waste any more time and install the app as soon as possible. Use the software and get the best from your security system.

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